Individuality as Social Form
9 Avenue B
New York , NY 10009
Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Members of  NYCHORAL are featured in Felix Kindermann’s “Individuality as Social Form” in the opening performance of the Whitebox Front Window Summer Series in New York City.  Based on Kindermann’s “Choir Piece” with a score by composer Natalie Dietterich, “Individuality as Social Form”, questions the physical, mental, and social dimensions of the individual vis-à-vis the collective human body.

Through rearrangement, fragmentation, and techniques of acoustic distortion, Choir Piece creates a feeling of alienation, destabilizing the interrelated appearance and effect of the choir as a familiar cultural asset, blurring the lines which are dissolved through the play with essential opposites like harmony and disharmony, the individual and the collective.   NYCYHORAL Sopranos Claire Harbison, Alicia Lu, Frances Murphy, Alto Colleen Geier and Baritone Logan Pitts performed composer Natalie Dietterich’s Composition for Separated Musicians which applies Kindermann‘s far reaching intervention on the coherent structure of the ensemble, such that its harmony remains intact.

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