Our Voices

The New York Choral Society’s highly acclaimed series of reimagined digital performances of choral music created in collaboration with choreographers, artists, activists, and filmmakers. 

Peace Unto Zion

NYCHORAL presents a performance of the Shaker hymn  Peace Unto Zion arranged by Kevin Siegfried for acapella chorus in collaboration with artist and activists Reverend Joyce McDonald.

A Carol for All Children

NYCHORAL presents a performance of A Carol for All Children by Adolphus Hailstork for acapella chorus in collaboration with artist Brendan Fernandes. Featuring dancer Paige Fraser.

God is Seen

We perform Alice Parker’s  God Is Seen in a collaboration with choreographer Claudia Schreier. Featuring dancers Larissa Gerszke and Chalvar Monteiro.

Mother To Son

Our performance of Undine Smith Moore’s powerful choral interpretation of Langston Hughes’ poem “Mother to Son” in collaboration with choreographer Francesca Harper and featuring Mezzo-soprano Zoie Reams. Francesca Harper is joined by dancers Hope Clarke and Ricardo Hartley and artist Alshante Baker in this meditation on history, storytelling and activism.

Invitation to Love

Our performance of Jennifer Higdon’s 2016 a cappella choral work Invitation to Love, based on the poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar, in a production created in collaboration with artist Gordon Hall.

Earth Song

Earth Song reimagines composer Frank Ticheli’s a cappella choral work. Part art and part activism, this production amplifies the mission of choreographer Danielle Russo’s #FinalNotice initiative to bring attention to the threat of rising sea levels and pollution to at-risk communities on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Morning Light

Our chorus sings Kevin Siegfried’s new arrangement for a cappella chorus of the Shaker song Morning Light in collaboration with artist and choreographer David Thomson. Featuring Nehemoyia Young.

The Caged Bird Sings for Freedom

Our chorus sings Joel Thompson’s a cappella choral work The Caged Bird Sings for Freedom from Maya Angelou’s “Cage Bird” in collaboration with choreographer Marjani Forté-Saunders. Featuring Port Mande, the collaborative partnership of clarinetist Mark Dover and pianist/producer Jeremy Jordan and Mezzo-soprano Miastasha Gonzalez-Colón.

Angel of Light

Our chorus sings passages from Kevin Siegfried’s a cappella choral work Angel of Light, based on Shaker hymns and tunes, in collaboration with acclaimed filmmaker Tania Cypriano.

Four Madrigals

NYCHORAL Society presents the tenth installment of OUR VOICES, its highly acclaimed series reimagined collaborative performances of choral music. This collaboration between NYCHORAL, acclaimed image maker and storyteller Kia LaBieja, and composer Ned Rorem explores the timeless poetry of Archaic Greek poet Sappho in a 4-part visual journey through the depths of human emotion.