Our Supporters

The New York Choral Society gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following individuals and organizations who support our mission.

Chairman’s Circle ($10,000 and above)

  • Darin Arita
  • Karen Artz Ash & David Ash
  • Michael F. Colosi, Esq.
  • Edith & Robert DuPuy
  • Carl M. Ellison & Judith Bigelow
  • Martin L. Finkelman, M.D. in memoriam
  • Joanna & Carlo Grossman
  • Moshe Kam
  • Melinda & Denis Kelly
  • Corey Kinger
  • New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
  • The New York State Council on the Arts
  • Gary Pai
  • Michael Roos
  • Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP

Gold ($5,000 and above)

  • Ruth Ferguson
  • Inherent Foundation
  • David Munkittrick
  • Virginia Stafford Otis

Silver ($2,500 and above)

  • Mario J. Bonsignore & Phil G. Gautreau in honor of Dr. Peter Bagley and Memory of Robert De cormier
  • Paul Burkhart and Carl Koivuniemi
  • The John N. Blackman Sr. Foundation in honor of Gwen De Luca
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Carpenter
  • Joanne & John Lawson in memory of Joyce Selmonsky, Margery Masters, Margot S. Romberg, Bob Walton, and Robert De Cormier
  • David & Janet McKenzie

Bronze ($1,500 and above)

  • Carole Lynne Bahou in memoriam
  • Holly Dodge
  • Susan E. Ellison
  • Sheila F. Epstein in memory of Janet Praeger Dunn and Joyce Selmonsky
  • Brittany and Pete Kelly
  • Jenny & Chao-Chyan Pai
  • The Plunkett Group
  • Collette Lynn Ryder
  • Nancy & Arthur Tollefson
  • Jodi M. Conti & David Waldes in memory of Joyce Selmonsky
  • Stephen Weitzman

Benefactor ($1,000 and above)

  • Alistair Bell
  • Charles Chromow
  • Timothy & Sealy Ann Gilles
  • Lisa Guida in memory of Benn Lewis Fishner
  • Fred Chandong Kim
  • Christopher F. Koller and Colette Cook
  • The Rothschild Family Trust in honor of Judith A. Rubin
  • Judith A. Rubin in memory of Joyce Selmonsky and Margery Masters
  • Russel Patterson Charitable Fund
  • Maria and Norman Schwab
  • Ellen L. Sleeter
  • Marion & Ronald Stein in honor of Dr. Martin L. Finkelman
  • Nancy and Arthur Tollefson
  • Robin & Frederick Warren
  • Rosanne Zoccoli in memory of Jean, John, and Michael Zoccoli, Margery Masters, and Joyce Selmonsky

Patron ($500 and above)

  • Susan Armbrust
  • Michael Bai
  • Christi Champ Baine
  • Sonia Batten
  • Stephanie Berger
  • Valerie Blechar
  • Mary Parker Buckles
  • Brenda Clarke
  • Myra and Peter Cole in honor of Rita Greenstein
  • Richard DiPalermo
  • David N. Ekstrom in memory of Robert Walton 
  • Carlos Gutierrez-Solana
  • Lyell & Joi Haynes
  • Tom & Louisa Hellegers
  • Amy and Jim Kendrick
  • James Kinsley
  • Dee Kittany in memory of Robert De Cormier
  • Steven E. Lane
  • Grace Lee
  • Claudia Marks in memory of David H Marks
  • Andowah Newton in memory of Ryan Andrews Newton
  • Joseph Notovitz in memory of Joyce Selmonsky
  • Bette Rice
  • Kathy Romberg in honor of Margot S. Romberg
  • Judith N. Rubin in memory of Margery Masters and Robert Walton
  • Mary W. Sherwin
  • Karen W Solorow
  • Margie Staker
  • Daniel Stewart & Rachel Meyer
  • Rick and Chris Trizano in memory of Joyce Selmonsky
  • Michelle Turner in memory of Joyce Selmonsky
  • John A. Vila & Terry W. Bishop in memory of Robert Walton
  • Thomas T. Wang
  • Mary & Gerald Watson
  • Janet Wikler and Arthur Hyams
  • Lindsay Wilczynski in Honor of Steve Heller

Friend ($250 and above)

  • The Samuel J. Brenner Trust
  • Janet Brevoort Allen-Spencer
  • Jean Austin in memory of Joyce Selmonsky
  • Lynn Barker in honor of Kaila Barker
  • Aline Bazerghi
  • Stephane J. Brenot
  • Stuart & Susan Chagrin in memory of Margery Masters
  • Michael A. Ciavaglia and John Primavera in memory of Margery Masters
  • Leah Davis
  • Leslie Dawe
  • Miriam Derivan
  • Mary Lee Duff
  • Laurie Dunn in memory of Joyce Selmonsky
  • Robin Effron
  • James Ferrara
  • Lindsey & Gary Fields
  • David M. Glaser
  • Neil S. Goldstein
  • Gloria Guida
  • Leah and Harrison Hollingsworth
  • Sylvia R. Hoisington
  • Irene C. Junge & Jim Griffin in honor of Rosanne Zoccoli
  • Kathleen and Jacob Kroitor
  • Laura Lalinde
  • Terence Law
  • Jesse Liu
  • Odette & Victor Muskin
  • Alycia Naylor
  • Lynn Neuner
  • Shoko Noguchi
  • Juey Chong Ong
  • Dianne Peterson
  • Chris Plunkett
  • Robert A. Posner
  • David Ralph in memory of Robert De Cormier
  • Gina Richer in honor of Mondiale Lifestyle
  • Yareli Rodriguez
  • Mary Lee Rubens
  • Susan & Lucia Rubin in honor of Judith N Rubin
  • Laura Rubin in honor of Judith N Rubin
  • Teachers Association of Sag Harbor in memory of Margery Masters
  • Daniel Sager
  • Ina Gillers Shivack & Ian Shivack in memory of Bob Walton
  • Karen & David Snow in memory of Margery Masters
  • Dina Strand, Erika & Isa in memory of Joyce Selmonsky
  • John and Theresa Waldes in memory of Joyce Selmonsky
  • Jonathan White

The following organizations have provided matching gifts:

The Benevity Community Impact Fund


Amazon Smile

D.E. Shaw & Co.

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton Inc.

Johnson & Johnson

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Standard and Poor’s

The Wallace Foundation

The NYCHORAL Sostenuto Society

Members of The NYCHORAL SOSTENUTO Society provide valuable recurring contributions to support our mission of sharing the essential joy and power of live choral music

Charter Members 

  • Carole Bahou (in memoriam)
  • Mary Parker Buckles
  • Joanna Grossman
  • Corey Kinger
  • David Munkittrick
  • Gary Pai
  • Judith A. Rubin
  • Collette Ryder
  • Mary Sherwin
  • Jonathan White

Our Voices

The following have provided their support to the production of Our Voices, The New York Choral Society’s innovative series of collaborative performances of choral music.

Executive Producers

  • Michael F. Colosi Esq.
  • Joanna & Carlo Grossman
  • Michael Roos

Supporting Producers

  • Edith & Robert DuPuy

Series Supporters

  • Paul T. Burkhart & Carl W. Koiveniumi
  • Ruth & Tim Ferguson
  • Maria & Norman Schwab
  • Judith A. Rubin

The Robert Walton Memorial Fund for Featured Soloists and Musicians

Friends of Bob Walton have established The Robert Walton Memorial Fund for Featured Soloists and Musicians to honor Bob’s memory and to celebrate his friendship and long-standing support of The New York Choral Society.  This fund support’s The New York Choral Society’s ongoing commitment to feature emerging and more established soloists and musicians in our concerts and productions.

  • Henry Anna
  • Karen & Leonard Budd
  • Peggy Daniel
  • Mary Lee Duff
  • David Eckstrom
  • Barbara and Andrew Effron
  • Gary Fields
  • Martin Finkelman
  • Jack Goodwin & Ruth Kaplan
  • Rita Greenstein
  • Lisa Guida
  • June & Jim Hagen
  • Brette & Brendan Houle
  • Blanche Houseknecht & Jerzy Pawlusinski
  • Victor & Marilyn Ruiz
  • Joanne & John Lawson
  • Toni Levi
  • Pam Myers & Ruth Dickey
  • Nancy Pasley
  • Ann Read
  • Gerald W Richman
  • Judith A. Rubin
  • Judith N. Rubin
  • Judith Rustin-Rabin
  • Margaret Scavone
  • Barbara Schenk
  • Susan A. Seigle
  • Ina Gillers Shivack & Ian Shivack
  • Karen W. Solorow
  • John A. Vila & Terry W. Bishop
  • Bruce Waddington

Special thanks to

  • The Angel Band Project
  • Baharestani & Ritt LLP
  • Tim Berg
  • Carmen Borgia
  • Erlinda Brent, Holy Trinity Church
  • Marlene Cantor, Executive Bookkeeping Services
  • Time Cothren, TC Productions
  • Vito DeCandia
  • Kim Giannelli, PR Social
  • Gary Martin – COMPASS