In Our Community

Our Community Engagement Program is essential to our mission of sharing the joy and power of choral music.

Collaboration and the love of choral music is at the heart of our commitment to our community, particularly middle and high school students, seniors, and those who may have limited access to performances of live choral music. We continue to adapt new ways of serving our community with a commitment to support meaningful collaborations and enduring partnerships.

The New York Choral Society’s Community Engagement Program activities include:

  • Workshops co-created with  music education partners and our Music Director, Assistant Conductor, guest vocalists and musicians, and guest composers
  • Free admission to our productions  for members of our community who may not be able to purchase a  ticket.
  • Performances that provide advocacy and service organizations with opportunities to bring attention to their work.

For more information about NYCHORAL’s Community Engagement program, please contact: Pamela Mosley, Community Engagement Manager at or Pat Owens, Executive Director at