The City of New York Honors Pat Owens with a Certificate of Recognition

NYCHORAL is pleased to announce that our Executive Director, Pat Owens, has received a Certificate of Recognition from the City of New York.

The City of New York Certificate of Recognition

Presented to Patrick Owens on the occasion of the New York Choral Society’s 65th Anniversary Concert, for your contributions to our vibrant cultural landscape. Since assuming the role as the organization’s Executive Director in 2017, you have transformed it from a fully volunteer-run entity to a professionally-managed institution, made its governance structure and operations stronger and more efficient, expanded its artistic and community outreach programming, and developed beneficial partnerships and fundraising campaigns. You also helped it navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am pleased to join in applauding your leadership and your efforts to inspire diverse New Yorkers through the power of choral music, and in wishing you further success.

Eric Adams, Mayor
May 30, 2024