NYCHORAL mourns the passing of Dr. Martin Finkelman

It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing on Friday of Dr. Martin Finkelman, beloved and longtime member of the New York Choral Society (“NYCHORAL”). Marty’s passing is deeply saddening; a loss to all who loved and sang with him over so many years, and to all of us who knew Marty as a dear and caring friend.  Marty was a stalwart of the NYCHORAL men’s section for 54 years, during which he became a friend to over a thousand NYCHORAL singers who had the opportunity to sing alongside him. But beyond attending rehearsals and performing in concerts, Marty used his voice to help NYCHORAL to grow as an artistic institution and share its love of song and voice with its ever-expanding audiences. We will miss our wonderful friend and fellow musician. And even though Marty will no longer be singing among us, his voice will continue carrying on as we honor and celebrate his love of the chorus and his hopes and dreams for our future

Read statement from our Board of Trustees here.