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Music Essentials

June 29, July 27, and August 24 at 7 PM

Learn more about some essential concepts of vocal music and rhythm with pianist, singer, and conductor Ronnie Romano.

  • Tips and Tricks for Reading Rhythms.  We’ll talk about strategies for sight-reading rhythms in rehearsal, and also learn how to simplify challenging rhythms by writing a composite.
  • Triplets and Polyrhythms.  Learn some fun pneumonic devices for mastering polyrhythms! We’ll focus on 2 against 3, but also introduce 4 against 3.
  • Switching between simple and compound meter. We’ll explore the difference between keeping the division constant vs. keeping the beat constant when going back and forth between simple and compound meter.

Choral Singing Master Classes

June 15, July 13, and August 17 at 7 PM

New to vocal singing or a long-time choral singer? Paulo Faustini, vocal instructor, conductor and artistic director of SERENADES Choral Travel, returns to lead all new sessions for singers who want to brush up on their vocal skills and technique and to help project a beautiful sound that is in tune and blends well with the other voices in a chorus.

  • Head Voice Production. Paulo offers insight and useful exercises to help project the voice when you’re singing in the upper range of the voice.
  • Singing and the Brain.  Paulo will explore the complex relationship between the physical act of singing and brain activity.
  • Vibrato. We all know  there is good vibrato and bad vibrato, and there is more vibrato or less vibrato.  This session will help singers manage vibrato to achieve an in-tune purity of sound.

Musical “Deep Dives”

June 22, July 20, August 10 at 7 PM

Learn more about the creation of some of our favorite choral works from a conductor’s perspective.  Our Music Director David Hayes invites conductors Lynnel Joy Jenkins and Marie Bucoy-Calavan to join him  to take you on a “deep dive” into a favorite piece of choral music as they share their insights on the creativity and genius of some great composers from the perspective of a conductor!

  • Jennifer Higdon’s The Singing Rooms.  David Hayes will take you through some of the more intriguing elements of this choral work and share his thoughts on how composer Jennifer Higdon has created some unique moments for voice, violin and orchestra
  • Rosephanye Powell’s The Cry of Jeremiah and Margaret Bonds’ The Ballad of the Brown King.  Lynnell Joy Jenkins will explore the stylistic characteristics and influences of African American choral traditions that inform these works as well as their historical significance
  • Mozart’s Requiem. Mozart died at age 35, before he could complete his famous Requiem. Marie Bucoy-Calavan will take us through some of the more well-known “completion” editions to uncover the complexities and mysteries of this famous piece of music



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